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John Labone M.A.P.S., B.Ed. Psych. B.A. Honours Psych. M.Ed. Distinction Counselling Psychology

John has over 20 years experience helping children and families in NSW and the ACT in public and private sector settings. He has been in private practice in Avalon Beach since 2000 and is a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and a Registered Psychologist in NSW. John holds an Honours Degree in Psychology from Macquarie University and a Masters Degree with Distinction in Counselling Psychology. He is also an experienced primary school teacher and has Degrees in Education and qualifications in Special Education. John has also been a lecturer in psychology at the University of Western Sydney.

Johnís professional specialisations include assessment and tutoring programs for primary school children with reading and spelling difficulties, and the management of behaviour problems in preschoolers and school aged children. He is an experienced counsellor of children and adolescents.

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