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Psychometric assessment can unlock a childís true potential providing the key to build on strengths and remedy weaknesses. The range of psychological assessments include:

J  Assessment of intelligence (IQ).

J  Educational assessment including reading, spelling, writing and mathematics.

J  Remedial reading and spelling specialist.

J  Identification of learning difficulties, memory or attention problems.

J  Assessment of gifted and talented children for early school entry, accelerated progression or suitability for OC classes or selective schools.

J  Assessment of behaviour and personality including anxiety, depression and behaviour problems.

J  Identification of general or specific developmental problems to support access to additional services at school.

J  Assessment for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Aspergerís† Syndrome.

J  Assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. (ADD - ADHD)

Comprehensive written reports following an assessment provide detailed recommendations.† Remedial or extension programs are also available from the practice and referral to other appropriate services can be arranged.